EMSA 2018 Program

October 26, 2018

08:30  -  09:00

Register, grab a coffee and have a chat with your fellow lovers of email marketing

09:00  -  09:10

Welcome to EMSA & Intro by the Chair for the day

Simon Byrne, Head of Client Strategy, Andzen

09:10  -  09:50

There are many ways to measure the success of an email, but by far the most poignant is ROI. In this opening keynote, Ilona Abramova, from AppSumo will talk through how a culture of ongoing hacking and testing has resulted in click through rates that improving by 100%, subscribers evolving into evangelists and ultimately a significant increase in ROI for the business.

Ilona Abramova, Director of Content, AppSumo (USA)

09:50  -  10:20

Protecting your business and subscribers is paramount for anyone in email marketing. New anti-spam legislation such as GDPR, data breaches and email authentication standards are all impacting your email sends. Join us for a conversation with Matt (edm specialist) and Chloe (privacy lawyer) to understand the challenges and limitations of these issues and to perhaps answer a question or two!

In conversation with:
Matthew Johnson, Project Manager, Vision6
Chloe Sevil, Lawyer, Legal Vision

10:20  -  10:50

Time to grab some caffeine and a yummy treat

10:50  -  11:20

Email plays a big part in your customer journey whether it is through transactional or marketing messages. You have the power to not only create a stronger customer experience but to impact purchasing patterns, reputation and overall business success.

  • Understand the unique benefits that email brings to your customer’s experience
  • How to identify the key points in your journey which should be automated
  • Utilising your transactional emails for increase revenue and/or personalisation opportunities
  • Privacy issues from a recipient and business perspective

Luke Harrison, Email Marketing Automation Specialist, Sunsuper


11:20  -  11:50

There is no personalisation without segmentation and no segmentation without analytics. It all starts with a strong analytics platform and an email marketer with an eye for data.

  • Industry growth of data driven marketing and the flybuys journey
  • Rising customer expectations and awareness
  • Maximising data and using processes to drive the right offer to the right customer
  • How to identify your most engaged customers
  • New data sources & GDPR

Richard Morris, Head of Commercial Marketing, flybuys


11:50  -  12:20

Sending targeted emails to your contacts based on their actions and behaviours, is one of the most valuable email strategies a business can adopt. Yet research shows that as few as 20% of email marketers are using this strategy. This session aims to fix that by looking at:

  • What behavioural marketing is
  • How you can use business data to guide your email marketing strategy
  • Type of behavioural triggers
  • How you can link channels to feed triggers
  • Why your instinct can be wrong (and how to avoid this)
  • Combining behavioural triggers with automation strategies

Jarrod Price, Team Manager, Digital and Direct Marketing, RACQ

12:20  -  13:10

nom nom nom …

13:10  -  13.20

A quick review of the day so far.

Simon Byrne, Head of Client Strategy, Andzen

13:20  -  14:00

With so many great email marketing case studies, and just one little day to showcase them all, we were keen to highlight more email hacks which you can implement back at the office. These case studies will focus on a key hack which has not only yielded strong results but positively impacted the brand at hand, in one way or other.

Andrew Kolb, Head of Strategy, Y&R ANZ
Lisa Renneisen, Director, Bright Conferences
Kenny MacKenzie, Digital Fundraising Manager, MS Queensland



14:00  -  14:30

Dubbed as the ‘holy grail’ for email marketers, engagement is a constant quest. Tweak, measure, repeat seems to be the best mantra forward, however, are you tweaking the right elements? What if there are other ideas you haven’t tested yet. Join us to find out how to increase subscriber engagement across your campaigns.

April Murphy, Email Specialist, Showpo


14:30  -  14:50

We’re not kidding. There really will be ice cream.

14:50  -  15:20

We all put newsletters together, week in week out, but how often do you stop to re work your copy, format, content, design – to give your newsletter a new lease on life? This session will take you through some ideas of how to add some zhush to your weekly e-comms!

  • How to know if your newsletter sucks
  • Faster is not better
  • The art of the perfect image
  • Injecting contextual content
  • Leveraging automation for a more engaged newsletter
  • Email takes resilience
  • 5 ways to kick off your new look

Anja Starun, Email Marketing & Loyalty Manager, Sydney Opera House


15:20  -  15:50

Did we run out of time with your favourite speaker? Do you have a burning question around email marketing? Or perhaps a contentious debate you need to have settled? EMSA’s AMA will give you the opportunity to send half an hour with some of our speakers, to… yes you guessed it… ask them anything!

Ilona Abramova, Director of Content, AppSumo (USA)
April Murphy, Email Specialist, Showpo
Andrew Kolb, Head of Strategy, Y&R ANZ
Jarrod Price, Team Manager, Digital and Direct Marketing, RACQ

15:50  -  16:00

A wrap up and review of the day

Simon Byrne, Head of Client Strategy, Andzen

16:00  -  17:00

Join us and other attendees for a drink or two to celebrate the end of an amazing day.