EMSA AMA – Ask Me Anything

October 26, 2018

Ilona Abramova

Director of Content

Andrew Kolb

Head of Strategy

April Murphy

Email Specialist

Jarrod Price

Team Manager, Digital and Direct Marketing

15:20  -  15:50

Did we run out of time with your favourite speaker? Do you have a burning question around email marketing? Or perhaps a contentious debate you need to have settled? EMSA’s AMA will give you the opportunity to send half an hour with some of our speakers, to… yes you guessed it… ask them anything!

Ilona Abramova, Director of Content, AppSumo (USA)
April Murphy, Email Specialist, Showpo
Andrew Kolb, Head of Strategy, Y&R ANZ
Jarrod Price, Team Manager, Digital and Direct Marketing, RACQ